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Buy to Let Maximum Loan Amount Calculator

Buy to Let Maximum Loan Amount Calculator

When you take out a bridging loan, the funds you can raise against a property on Buy to Let mortgage depends on the property valuation and the rental income it brings in.

In April 2017, new tax legislation came into effect, which made Buy to Let mortgages more regulated. This resulted in the reduction of the amount of funds property investors could raise on a buy to let mortgage. That is why we have designed a maximum loan amount calculator for our clients. 

Now you can calculate the maximum amount you can borrow against your Buy to Let property in a matter of minutes.

The Bridging Finance Specialist maximum loan amount calculator works out the maximum amount that you can get on a buy to let mortgage based on the loan to value of a property.

This calculator will also work out the maximum loan amount you can borrow on the basis of your rental income, the interest rate of the current mortgage on the property and the Interest Coverage Ratio (ICR).